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Linear Position Sensor use in long stroke hydraulic cylinder

Position Sensing in Long Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders commonly find use in equipment that is subject to extreme environments.  This includes heavy duty industrial equipment of the sort found in power plants, oil and gas exploration, deep sea applications, and high-end mobile hydraulics such

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Linear Position Sensor by CPI

LVDT Based Linear Position Sensors

Engineers and heavy equipment operators responsible for the maintenance of large scale hydraulics in the field, know what’s at stake when these systems fail.  Costs to repair and impact to production represent a huge operational risk that can quickly have

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Control Products Inc.

Welcome To Control Products Inc.

Welcome! You’ve found Control Products Inc, a USA based designer and manufacturer of Waterproof Microswitches, Linear Position Sensors, and Thermal Limit switches. Our main operations are all under one roof in East Hanover, NJ and 99% of our purchased parts

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