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Lift Controls Reach New Heights With CPI Switches.

Toyota Lever valve switch by CPI

One of the more overlooked uses of CPI’s line of waterproof limit switches may be its selection for a wide variety of outdoor, harsh duty lift activation systems. These systems have a number of attributes that make CPI waterproof pendant switches a perfect solution:

  1. Lift switches are often hand actuated by humans.
  2. The switches are exposed to outdoor conditions of wind, dust, oil splashes or heavy rain or salt spray.
  3. The switches are subject to high vibration such as on a vehicle or boat.
  4. The switches have a high electro-mechanical endurance requirement due to the inconvenience and expense of replacing them. Our “snap action” contact design has been tested to over 500,000 “contactor” electrical cycles.
  5. Theses switches are commonly mounted in waterproof switch panels. We manufacture both the panels and panel mount versions of the switches

Applications for CPI Lift Control Switches

For decades now, our E1 series waterproof limit switches have found their way into a variety of lift-gate control and positioning applications, across a wide variety of industries. Just of few of those include:

  • Waterproof lift-gate control for moving vans and delivery vehicles.
  • Compactor control for Sanitation vehicles and Compactors.
  • Manual Lift controls for forklifts and tele-handlers.
  • Boat lift controls that are sometimes positioned on or near seawater.
  • Winch Controls for boat and truck mounted winches
  • Spool valve control for Toyota lift trucks. By using our B7151-18 to switch between hydraulic circuits, a spool valve can be made to control multiple functions using the same hydraulic circuit.

CPI Lift Control Switch Mounting Options

dual_panelCPI essentially offers two options here: You may have your switch in a standalone pendant configuration to which you can apply your own mounting; or you can have it mounted in one of our stainless steel waterproof switch panels.

CPI Switch panels come in a variety of configurations: separate circuits, in-series, and in-series with interlock (to prevent both switches from operating at the same time).

We can produce multiple switch panels that also include additional electrical components such as LED indicator lamps per customer specification.

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