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CPI Limit Switches in Hydraulic Multiplier Applications.

Hydraulic Multiplier Uses CPI Switch

Hydraulic Multipliers see use in a wide variety of industrial equipment as a cost effective way of driving multiple actuators from a single hydraulic circuit. These systems typically allow the operator to manually activate a conveniently mounted switch which controls a valve diverter. At the right moment, hydraulic pressure is diverted from one circuit to another and back again when done.

Since operators are typically using levers in things like Backhoe’s, Crane’s, Forklift’s, or agricultural sprayers, it is convenient to mount these switches directly on the lever itself where it can be ergonomically reached during operation. These switches are often subject to repeated use and abuse, outdoor environments, and extreme vibration in conditions which pose a safety hazard.  The switches need to work, work well, and work for a long time without failure.

Typical Hydraulic Multiplier Circuit Using CPI Switches

A typical hydraulic multiplier circuit using one of our switches is shown below:

Hydraulic Multiplier Uses CPI Waterproof Switches
Image Courtesty https://IdahoImplement.com

While there are a number of our switches used into this application, your selection will depend on a few key considerations:

  1. Mounting Constraints – Our most common mounting configuration here by far is the “V-Back”. This stainless steel assembly takes the basic waterproof limit switch and allows it easy mounting to cylindrical surfaces like a lever assembly or steering wheel simply by using tie wraps or heat shrink tubing for a more finished look.
  2. Tactile Considerations – With both high button and low button configurations, feel can be adjusted to prevent accidental engagement, or facilitate easy activation.
  3. Waterproof Rocker Switches – In addition to single acting waterproof limit switches, momentary or maintained contact Rocker Switches like our K1005 can be coupled with our HS001 pipe mount bracket for use in this application.

Pipe mount Pendant Switch

Harsh Duty Switches Control Heavy Duty Hydraulics

CPI’s line of waterproof switches get used on these kinds of hydraulic multiplier applications because they are just plain hard to kill. In applications like forklifts, telehandlers, backhoe’s, cranes, agricultural machines, or flow control valve hydraulics, there is generally an unfriendly ambient environment that places additional demands on the electromechanical endurance of switches…

…CPI switches were designed with that in mind.

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