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CPI Switches for Farm Vehicles and Agricultural Equipment

It turns out that one of the most important applications for CPI switches is the areas of industrial farming equipment and vehicles. Consider the environmental extremes seen by this equipment.

Hagie Sprayer uses CPI Ball Switch
  • Almost Daily usage of equipment like tractors and sprayers, in the field for long hours.
  • Terrain that can be rough, choppy, causing vibration.
  • Temperature extremes as vehicles work in the hot sun and switches are often deployed in engine or motor area.
  • Exposure to corrosive chemical fertilizers like URN that eat away unprotected steel parts.
  • Operation in wind, rain, exposure to constant dirt & dust and other potentially corrosive airborne contaminants.
Farm equipment manufacturers often end up at our door, as they attempt to replace cheap, poorly made limit switches with ones that will last in their application.

The CPI Switch Solution for Agricultural Equipment

Military grade waterproof switches
CPI waterproof switch family (FROM LEFT: plunger, limit switch, J4 ball switch, pendant switch, simulated roller mount limit)

CPI sealed switches like our J4 ball switch and our E1 limit switches have been deployed into these environments successfully, usually replacing other ball or limit switches that did not survive, and required frequent, expensive, in-field replacement. Our sealed switches originally designed for military applications are among the most hardened, US made and manufactured switches in the world, yet maintain a value oriented cost profile in production quantities thanks to a uniquely efficient manufacturing process.

Typical CPI Switches Used in Farm Equipment.

Major farm equipment manufacturer’s like John Deer, Hagie, and others have used a wide variety of our our switches in vehicle safety systems to provide closed loop feedback or operator control of various equipment.

  • Our J4 Ball Switches are used to provide neutral safety detection and closed loop feedback for hydraulic position and end-of-travel kinds of applications. The patented double seal design rejects contaminants even when depressed, ensuring a long life.
  • Our E1 series sealed waterproof switches with their dozens of mounting options provide limit switch functionality in dozens of safety switch applications.
  • Hand actuated waterproof Pendant Switches are truly waterproof (not just “splashproof”), and can be mounted in dozens of ways on everything from steering wheels, shift levers, to roll bar’s providing horn, winch control, and various alarm and manual actuation functions.

For some of the commonly used switches in the Agricultural Equipment family, feel free to explore below.

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