Engine Fan Control

AD105 thermal switchAD Thermal Switch

Used in the HMMWV program, the switch provides overtemperature control in the coolant system. A generous 10F-25F differential (hysteresis) allows the fans to cool the system sufficiently and avoids a constant cycling situation where the fans run frequently.


Product Features

  • 1/2-20 NPT
  • Brass body
  • 16AWG Neoprene insulated wire leads
  • M43436/3-1 marker bands
  • MS27142-3 rubber shell connectors
  • Waterproof per MIL-STD -1184
  • 10F – 25F (5.55C – 13.8C) differential
  • 28VDC, 5A resistive / 2.5A inductive electrical rating


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