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CPI Switches Won’t Kick The Bucket On Bucket Trucks

CPI Limit switches for outrigger safety

In vehicles requiring added stability during operation such as cranes, bucket trucks, backhoe’s, fire trucks, and all kinds of powered lifts, it is common to use an outrigger mechanism.  Typically, hydraulic, outriggers can provide additional “legs” to a vehicle, making it less likely that extreme loads at odd angles will create a situation where both man and material is put in jeopardy.

fire truck outrigger safety limit switch

Outrigger limit switches for safety by CPI

Some typical outriggers are shown above.  In some cases the position of the leg is variable like on a backhoe, and locking is a function of the integrity of the hydraulic system.  Operation of an outrigger in other vehicles involves the extension of the leg into a fixed position for maximum stability either by mechanical motor or even man made movement. If the leg is locked, certain operations can proceed, otherwise a warning light is typically activated and this safety indication may even be wired to prevent operation of the crane or lift until locking is verified.

CPI Waterproof Limit Switches on Outrigger applications

Major manufacturers of lift equipment and bucket trucks have tended to gravitate to CPI waterproof limit switches over the years, owing to their reliability, and the ease with which they integrate into the outriggers used on this equipment.  Many times, this isn’t their first attempt at a solution, rather an attempt to replace low reliability parts suffering a high rate of in-warranty field failures.

Versalift Bucket Trucks

Versalift Bucket Truck using CPI Limit SwitchesVersalift Chose our E1092 limit switch as outrigger locking detection on their line of articulated telescopic “bucket trucks”. The customer evaluated our switch for over 3 months in a phased rollout. Ultimately they realized significant improvements over what they were using before saying “Your switches work very well, easier to install, and no field complaints.” Versalift is now moving into broad production deployment using our switch


In a similar application, Dur-A-Lift has also chosen the E1092. One of the primary design advantages of the E series limit switches from CPI the ease of application compared to off the shelf parts from other manufacturers.  With CPI switches the entire assembly is provided to your specifications including  the wire leads, harness, and termination/connector.  All sealed and ready for installation insuring 100% waterproof performance right from the factory.

The Advantages of a CPI Waterproof Limit Switch In Outrigger safety detection

CPI’s E1092 Interlock SwitchThe E1092 is a great example of a robust limit switch with a simulated lever actuator. Completely made of high grade stainless steel it is truly waterproof, and completely customizable with almost countless mounting and actuator combinations available. This switch can be designed to meet operational standards for military use (B2 series) as well as heavy duty industrial applications (B3 thru B9 series). Parameters such as travel length, current rating, and electromechanical endurance are customizable. CPI has achieved endurance qualifications over 5 million cycles with this basic roller limit switch design.

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