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CPI Switches, Bring The Disabled Some Fishes…

In the ever expanding category of interesting applications that our waterproof switches find their way into, we must add this one: the motorized fishing reel for the handicapped.

Enter the Elec-tra-mate Corporation of Greensboro North Carolina, pioneers in the design and manufacturing of electric fishing reels since the 1970’s. While their primary business was recreational and commercial  fishing tackle they were approached by the state of Florida in 2000 to build something different.

“We had thought about building a special reel for the handicapped for years, but we really didn’t think anyone was interested…” says Carl T. Hoffman, current President of the Elec-tra-mate Corp. “But the state representative explained that over 120,000 folks become handicapped in Florida every year, many of them young, so we came out with our first reel designed for the handicapped that same year”.

fishing reel with cpi momentary contact switchThe reel designs are essentially DC motor drive systems coupled exclusively to Penn reels, as these are one of the few manufacturers of reels whose gears can hold up to motor cranking.

Many of the handicapped fishing reel configurations are of course semi-custom depending on your disability. For folks without the use of an arm, Elec-tra-mate offers the 452-PTH Push Button reel.

the 452-PTH has the power to easily overcome largemouth bass, small mouth bass, brim, crappie and other freshwater species without the need to assist the motor by cranking. It is operated through one of CPI’s momentary contact switches, the B7151-18, a sealed pendant switch design. This switch is completely waterproof and is our “low force” variation, providing easy depression and a great tactile feel for the one armed angler while handling enough current to land fish up to 50 lbs!

Fishing for a Waterproof Momentary Switch?

CPI’s vast line of pendant style momentary and maintained contact switches could be just what you’re looking for. Completely sealed and truly waterproof, these are the switches you turn to when the other guy’s just don’t hold up.

See our full waterproof switch line at https://cpi-nj.com/waterproof-switches/momentary-switches/

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