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What Can I Do with My Intrinsic Safety Rated Position Sensor?

Subsea Hydraulic Piston Linear Position Sensor
The CPI SL2000 Subsea Rated Linear Position Sensor

Well that’s a fine question indeed! And the answer, like the answer to many interesting new technologies, is that it depends mostly on your imagination, and your budget!  Here’s just a few of the applications we’ve already been either designed into, or proposed as a solution.

Applications For The CPI High Endurance Draw Wire Sensor

Over a 15 year period since our draw wire linear position sensor was introduced, it has evolved, improved, and now enjoys wide acceptance in high endurance, long stroke hydraulic applications across dozens of industries and military applications.

Navy Vehicles – Navy subcontractors have used customized versions of our LVDT Hydraulic linear position sensor for rudder control on sea slicesensor for sea-going applications on surface ships and submarines.  While some of these uses are proprietary, you can read here about our use of smart cylinders on the navy’s interdiction vessel, the Sea Slice.

Offshore and Subsea Drilling, Mining and Refining Operations – Large scale hydraulic cylinders used in heave compensation systems and riser tensioners are typical high-endurance applications.  Our subsea rated sensor can also monitor pre-charge pressure in hydraulic accumulators like those commonly used in blowout preventers at the well head. For applications above the surface or on the drilling platform, our SL2000MS hybrid sensor is fully ATEX Intrinsic safety rated.

Oil & Gas – Rig raiser systems now enjoy much improved reliability, as our internal mount sensors replace external draw wires on the mast cylinder.

Commuter Trains – Telescoping pneumatic cylinders on commuter trains required sensors for a closed-loop feedback system to assist in rail car coupling.

Onshore Mining – Remote hydraulic valve actuators can be reliably monitored with use of our external-mount 1M sensor, which easily mounts onto any NFPA cylinder.

In-Plant Chemical Processing – External draw wire applications on linear and valve actuators include hazardous chemical, paper processing, as well as oil refinery installations.  Internal applications range from hydraulic roller tensioners in paper manufacturing to telescoping cylinders used in pharmaceutical processing.

Telescoping Cylinders – CPI sensors are one of the only high endurance linear position sensor solutions in the world for this class of hydraulics. Our sensors have the ability to mount either inside or outside the cylinder, in any type of hydraulic fluid or gas atmosphere, with stroke lengths available up to 15m.

Infrastructure, Hydroelectric – Dam gate actuators are typically long-stroke.  In some instances, these are oriented horizontally – this is where our draw wire solution overcomes deflection issues associated with long rod-type sensors.

Specifying Your Sensor

CPI works closely with each engineering team to understand and define the particular needs of your sensor application.  While some sensors can be used “off the shelf”, we expect to fully customize and qualify your solution for you, as partners in your success.

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