SL1490 Internal Mount Linear Position Sensor – 23 ft (7 Meters)

A unique linear to rotary to linear coupling allows our LVDT based position sensor to outperform all sensor technologies in harsh or extreme duty environments.

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  • 0"-275" (23 ft. / 7 meters) sensing range
  • Open chasis design allows media to flow around mechanism and provides flexibility in mounting configuration.
  • Complete immersion within hydraulic fluid
  • Please contact factory for longer stroke requirements
  • View the SL1490 Data Sheet

This long stroke device was developed for applications in large bore cylinders and piston accumulators. The open chassis provides flexibility in mounting options, and, like all SL Series sensors is designed for complete immersion in hydraulic fluid.  It can also run in an air or a gas environment (see Hydraulic Piston Accumulators).  The 23 foot sensing range is achieved using our SL Series non-contacting technology, only it is scaled up and packaged in a beefed-up stainless steel frame and cable assembly. Pictured here with a braided cable and integral connector for use with our SC Series high pressure connector, it can be provided with customer-specified cable and terminations as well.

Signal Conditioner

A perfect compliment to our SL products is the SC240 DIN-3 rail mount signal conditioner (by Macro Sensors). This conditioner provides several output options and an easy pushbutton setup.

Data sheet (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)

Download the corresponding CPI drawing SC240 (PDF)

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