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What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

In the movie “Oppenheimer” one of the key plot points is the discussion of the development of the hydrogen bomb vs. the original atomic bomb. While the atomic bomb operates on nuclear fission, the hydrogen bomb is both a fission… Continue reading What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

CPI Military Switching Products

CPI – Keeping Military Personnel Safe for almost 80 Years Unless you are a rabid CPI company history buff, (like us) you may not know that CPI’s original switch parts developed back in 1946, were thermal switches designed for transport… Continue reading CPI Military Switching Products

Waterproof Limit Switches for Position Detection

Outdoor environments or other harsh duty deployments may test the durability and reliability of many types of typical “proximity switches.” In everything from roller coasters to work trucks there are many moving mechanical parts and assemblies, it is important to… Continue reading Waterproof Limit Switches for Position Detection

CPI Switches are a Big Turn-On

Perhaps it would be fair to say that only us engineering types might find this statement true at face value. After all, CPI switches once you really understand the design and engineering that has gone into them, conjure a certain… Continue reading CPI Switches are a Big Turn-On

Thermals for Avionic Applications

The safety and redundancy requirements of modern aircraft are one of the many area’s that drive the use of advanced mechanical thermal switches like CPI Thermals. It turns out that while cheap sensors and microcontrollers are a fair solution to… Continue reading Thermals for Avionic Applications

Turf Equipment is our Turf

As warm weather approaches, our thoughts turn longingly to sunny days on the beach, the sounds of burgers sizzling on the grill, kids splashing from the pool and of course, the ubiquitous sound of lawn mowers and weed-wackers playing an… Continue reading Turf Equipment is our Turf

Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

There’s a reason why CPI Thermals feature so highly in so many Google search results for thermal switches. It seems even the artificially intelligent Google algorithm, has figured out that there aren’t many better results for “high temperature switches” or… Continue reading Versatile CPI Thermals Rack Up Design-In’s

CPI Can Help Float Your Boat

Ok so maybe not literally “float” your boat but in the world of recreational watercraft or commercial boats, CPI’s line of waterproof switches have been a reliable, go-to solution over the years for many critical applications. While there are many… Continue reading CPI Can Help Float Your Boat

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