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CPI Switches are a Big Turn-On

Perhaps it would be fair to say that only us engineering types might find this statement true at face value. After all, CPI switches once you really understand the design and engineering that has gone into them, conjure a certain excitement that comes from knowing you’ve finally found a waterproof high grade switching solution with precise design, engineering and manufacturing controls around button height, actuation force, long term durability and electromechancial endurance. Switches can be mounted in brackets that are available for all sorts of mounting inside or outside mechanical assemblies. Switch assemblies are high quality stainless steel, and are 100% waterproof. Temperature ranges can extend as low as -40F and as high as 185F. Perhaps most exciting is the raw stamina of our switches: Depending on operating current our switches can go up to a million cycle times before failure.

That’s pretty sexy performance as far as we’re concerned…

But alas it turns out that what we are really talking about here is literally turning things on.  As a manually actuated on/off switch, CPI’s pendant switches have seen design-ins into thousands of applications when concerns about reliability and ease of mounting come into play. And of course being really, truly 100% waterproof. Not “splashproof”, “water resistant, ” etc… 

Some of the most interesting On/Off applications we couldn’t have imagined if we tried, but our customers could.

Enduro Bike Battery Backup Activation – It turns out that 24 hour mountain bike races are a thing. And on these bikes a battery system helps with everything from lighting to GPS equipment. Our switch mounted on the handlebars makes sure its only drained when in use.

Recreational Watercraft Start/Stop – In everything from powerboats, to sailboats, to Jet Ski’s CPI switches have been used to start and stop engines, motors, bilge pumps, and more. Often our switches are mounted to panels or CPI has made custom switch panels for certain applications.

Sanitation Trucks – Running the compactor on commercial sanitation trucks is no problem for our completely sealed momentary contact pendant switches.

Generator Power Control – Again because of the nasty outdoor environments many commercial generators find themselves in, a CPI maintained contact switch sealed in either neoprene or santoprene operates flawlessly in the presence of airbourne contaminents like hot oil, dust, sand or rain.

Horn or Alarm Activation – On vehicles from backhoe’s to forklifts, to utility work trucks, CPI switches are used to activate horns or alarms under a wide variety of conditions. Sometimes the alarm is human activated but other alarms like dump body detection or hood down detection and such, use one of our mechanical brackets to achieve automatic closure.

Get Turned On by CPI Switches

Affordable, class leading engineering and manufacturing set CPI switches apart from the rest. All our parts are designed and manufactured in the USA with distribution throughout Canada and Europe as well.

Call us today to see if we can turn on your application.  It’s a turn-on that will last a long time.

Make The "Switch" to CPI

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