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Safety Systems on Work Trucks

The broad category of “Work Trucks” or “vocational trucks” includes vehicles from ambulances to class 8 heavy trucks weighing over 33,000 pounds . Unlike cars and your consumer oriented pickup truck, these vehicles really work for a living, and are built for a complex purpose beyond getting you from here to there.

As a manufacturer of some of the worlds most durable and reliable waterproof safety switches, CPI brings both deep and broad experience to the problems of safety system designers for work trucks. The CPI switches and sensors designed into these trucks of every type represent a small, but critically important component of overall safety system operation. Chances are no matter what safety system your vocational truck design needs, you won’t be blazing any new trails by designing in CPI hardened limit switches and ball switches.

Work Truck Applications for CPI Waterproof Switches

Here are some examples:

Emergency Vehicles – Often use our E1 limit switches for Outrigger Deployment detection to insure the stabilizer is locked into place.

Bucket Trucks – Bucket truck manufacturers have used a wide variety of our E1 limit switches as part of safety systems controlling the boom hydraulics and buckets. Our control panels have been used to provide operator control through our panel mounted waterproof pendant switches.

Agricultural Sprayers – Use our J4 ball switch to sense that sprayer arms are locked owing to its ability to withstand highly corrosive spray fertilizers.

Sanitation Trucks – Use our waterproof limit switches pre-mounted into a stainless steel control panel to control compressor and lift gate operations on the vehicle.

Cranes – Cranes of all types and sizes have made use of our E1 waterproof limit switches in anti-two-block safety systems owing to their robustness and small form factor.  They also use our J4 ball switch in hydraulic valve position detection applications using our specialized valve mounting brackets.

Forklifts and Construction Vehicles – Our operator controlled, Waterproof Pendant Switches are the perfect solutions to things like backup alarms and siren control. Or put this in any of dozens of mounting brackets we can provide and let the machine activate it. Our K1005 using our E1057 mounting bracket is a great example of this.

Military Vehicles – In applications like Door Alarms, and Neutral Safety detection, our J4 ball switch has been designed into tough vehicles for its durability, reliability, and small form factor.

Vocational Vehicles Need More Reliable Parts

On Work Trucks costing upwards of $100,000, its seems silly to take a chance on safety system sensors, with cheap, offshore produced switches.  All CPI switches are designed and made in the USA right here in our East Hanover NJ Factory. Despite this, our switches often cost less in quantity than comparable switches by Honeywell, Eaton, and Otto.

We love solving problems of safety and sensing with our switches. Please give us a call today.


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