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New MSHA Specification Requires Compressor Thermal Monitoring.

Industrial Air compressor thermal switch

If you’re a manufacturer of high pressure, high horsepower industrial air compressors, like the kind that  might be used in large drilling or mining operations, you need to know that the Mine Safety and Health Administration has new safety requirements affecting high horsepower, recirculating type air compressors.

The issue is related to the fact that an overstressed compressor can get extremely hot. So hot in fact that it can approach the flashpoint of the compressor’s lubricating oil. Indeed this is a common concern in machinery generally, where normal operating temperatures are driven to extremes by deployment in hot ambient environments, or extended non-stop usage, or even equipment failure.

Thermal runaway monitoring is a common problem in industrial compressors, generators, pumps, essentially anything that uses a motor and oil.

It is a problem that CPI thermal switches were designed to solve.

CPI Snap Stat Thermal Safety Switches – A brief Primer.

The key engineering concerns of designers looking for thermal safety in industrial applications are typically the robustness of the thermal switch, and the accuracy of the set point. In most thermal safety applications temperature set points are well known, being driven by the flash point of lubricants, with a wide safety margin, typically 50F or more. Upon reaching the flash point safety point, the  thermal switch will trip, shutting down the compressor, generator, or motor. It can also be used to put the machine in a lower rpm sta

te for critical systems.

Below is an image of the internal construction of our Snap-Stat switches

SnapStat Thermal Switch wiring diagram

The CPI SnapStat Switch is designed for durability and reliability above all things. With a temperature range from 0 to 300F they cover most of the flash point settings common to high power machinery lubricants. Set points are built in at the factory and remain fixed and reliable for the life of the switch.

CPI’s SnapStat thermal switches have a bimetal snap disc that actuates a miniature microswitch . This double snap action makes these switches virtually immune to shock and vibration. Epoxy sealing or glass to metal hermetic sealing makes them ideal for demanding industrial or military applications.

Example of SnapStat use on a Commercial Compressor

thermal switch pipe mountOne of the most common mounting options chosen by equipment manufacturers is exemplified by our AD-173, a pipe clamp mount version that integrates easily to existing designs.

Our client, a large compressor manufacturer for reciprocating type air compressors, uses our sensor on the compressor discharge line to monitor temperature. Locations and setpoints for the sensor may vary depending on whether you are designing in, or retrofitting into your compressor.

Other options include surface mount, thread mount, flange mount, and custom configurations.

CPI Thermal Switches are Problem Solvers For Machine Safety.

We’ve been creatively solving thermal safety problems for equipment manufacturers for over 60 years. Whatever your application, chances are we’ve got a robust, off the shelf solution for you.

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