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Waterproof Toggle Switches for Marine and Outdoor Applications

For many applications requiring robust toggle switch functionality CPI sealed, waterproof toggle switches can be a good solution. Whether your application is

hand actuated or needs be actuated mechanically, we have a complete off the shelf part configuration that incorporates all the necessary switch electrical parameters as well as an appropriate mounting bracket for your application.

The niche for our switches is really for applications that are in wet, or outdoor environments, or environments that get a lot of heat and vibration. That’s because we manufacture our base pendant style switches with either a Santoprene or Neoprene coating. Not only does that make them completely waterproof (not water resistant or “splash proof”) but it makes them operational in extremes of temperature or toxic environments.

CPI Switches in Action – Marine Toggle Switches

CPI switches have seen hundreds of uses as boat toggle switches and marine rocker switches over the years. Here are some examples of specific CPI toggle switches in real-world marine applications.

Engine Start/Kill – Mounted in one of our custom waterproof switch panels, Or K1 series toggle switches have been used as start/stop switches on work-boats and other commercial fishing boats owing to their extremely high durability and of course, completely waterproof operation.

Horn and Signal Operation – In the same panel our switches which are rated to 28VDC and 5A can be used to control manually activated onboard horns or alarms.

Bulkhead Lighting Controls – CPI switches can be used to control bulkhead lighting either manually or automatically when used in a door open/closed configuration.

Bilge Pump Control – Our  K1007 SPST Maintained Rocker Switch. sees use as a toggle switch for bilge pumps in everything from jet skis to commercial fishing boats.

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