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First Responders Rely On CPI Switches

Emergency vehicles like ambulances, law enforcement vehicles, police cars and motorcycles, and fire trucks represent some very specially designed vehicles. Packed with special equipment, and special usability requirements, these vehicles are equipped with safety systems and fail safe systems way beyond what would be needed in your average family sedan.

Because of the critical and specialized nature of the work done by first responders, one might say that “failure is not an option”. Imagine an ambulance that accidentally speeds away without the door being fully closed…or a helmet microphone that fails during a critical police motorcycle chase. Or a fire truck that becomes unstable at the scene because outriggers were not set properly.  These, and dozens of other safety systems on emergency vehicles rely on CPI switches to be there every day, under all conditions.

Ambulance Door Switch – Emergency Unlock

One great example of an emergency vehicle application is the use of our E1005-B7151 waterproof limit switch as a hidden ambulance door open switch.  Used by several ambulance manufacturers like Braun and PL Custom, these hidden waterproof switches allow operators into the vehicles when keys are not available to open the door. (You know, like when someone locks them in the ambulance…) Our switch Is mounted by manufacturers in a “hidden” area that is known only to the ambulance operators and allows them quick access in an emergency.

For obvious reasons we can’t divulge exactly where the switches are mounted but suffice to say that our B7151 waterproof switch was chosen due to its ability to withstand the elements including water and vibration, as well as its extremely high electromechanical endurance. This switch has been qualified to over 5 million cycles without failure, with variations that can handle current up to 20A (at lower endurance ratings).

Our basic B7151 switch is an industrial grade sealed pendant-style switch. It is normally open and features a high pushbutton, low actuation force configuration.  The variation above is mounted in our stainless steel E1005 surface bracket. The leads are sealed into the switch at the factory and can be delivered in any length required by your application.

Delivering Robust Switches And Sensors to Emergency Vehicles and Beyond

While just one example, our switches actually provide numerous points of interface with man and machinery in the emergency vehicle safety system space. We usually get the call when manufacturers and integrators need a truly reliable, field proven, and USA made solution.

You know, when failure is not an option.

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