Precision Switching Products & Linear Position Sensors

Taking Limit Switches to the Limit

Applications for CPI limit switches are often safety related or critical to the performance of a machine where failure would be catastrophic. (or catastrophically expensive to fix…) Add requirements such as 5 million electro-mechanical cycles, precise actuation points, and a… Continue reading Taking Limit Switches to the Limit

Momentary Switches for Extreme Duty – Reducing Failure Rates

Momentary Switch Design Parameters Extreme duty applications that require a momentary switch with ultra harsh environmental and duty cycle requirements  call for more than just a “weatherproof” or “splashproof” rated component. For more than 40 years CPI’s has made precisely… Continue reading Momentary Switches for Extreme Duty – Reducing Failure Rates

Waterproof Momentary Switch Technology

For extreme duty applications a mechanically activated momentary switch is often a critically necessary electronic component, and can also be a primary operational failure point. CPI’s line of Waterproof Momentary switches have been staying dry and operational for over 40… Continue reading Waterproof Momentary Switch Technology

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