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Limit Switch Unlimited Uses – Part 2

The second part in our continuing series on CPI Limit Switch applications highlights a few of the extreme duty deployments where harsh outdoor conditions, high vibration, and heavy usage are the norm. Many of these kinds of implementations can be categorized as “Safety Switch” applications. The reliable performance of the switch is critical for protecting man, machine, or both.

Applications For CPI’s Safety Limit Switch

Commercial Lawnmower “deck down” application – In this application, our J4 style Limit switch use on commercial mower plunger switch was deployed on a brand of commercial mowers known as “the Hustler”. The client requirement was driven by the need to prevent drive engagement by achieving “pin detection” which will identify if the mower deck is down and secured to the mower. Because of the location of the limit switch in close proximity to a wet, and highly vibrational environment, previous switch solutions had a higher than desired failure rate and CPI was called in to replace them.

Our J4 style plunger limit switch is made of pure high grade stainless steel and is not only water resistant, it is completely submersible. Our patented dual seal system maintains seal integrity during repeated switch activation. Furthermore a hardened actuator configuration can be specified that gives the switch a lifetime that will meet virtually any operational requirement for electromechanical endurance.

Portable Truck Mounted Crane – A highly successful application for our roller style limit Limit Switch in Crane Applicationswitches includes its use on these portable crane assemblies. Commonly mounted to pickup trucks or Vans these cranes can lift from 700 to 1000 pounds of gear using a portable hydraulic system attached to a lightweight crane.

One of the key safety features of some of these cranes is the “anti-tube lock” system which uses our E1161 waterproof roller limit switch. With this system the switch is designed to reliably detect cable travel to the top of the crane and prevent over travel at the limits. This switch is designed to operate in an outdoor environment and has a critical function in making sure that the motor does not continue to engage when the cable is at the top of its travel range.

Capabilities of CPI Limit Switches

CPI Waterproof Limit Switches are used in many safety applications where they are deployed outdoors, or in potentially hostile environmental conditions, or both. The stainless steel design, hardened actuators, and patented seal technology combine to create a highly versatile, customizable switch, able to be a form-fit-function replacement in almost any existing application.

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