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Really Big Hydraulic Cylinders Are Cool…

Large Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders on Mining Shovel

For those of us engineering types who derive particular enjoyment from an understanding of how big machines work, one of the most awe inspiring things to understand is the power achievable through large scale hydraulic cylinders. Being a unique supplier of Linear Position Sensors to the large scale hydraulics industry, we get to see our fair share of these and seldom fail to be amazed at the size, engineering, and power of these massive systems.

Perhaps one of the best places to find humungous hydraulics is in the Oil & Gas Exploration industry where they see many different uses.

Marine Risers & Tensioners – These massive cylinders are used to dynamically provide a near constant upward force on the riser which is connected to the wellhead on the sea bed on one end, and the floating drilling vessel on the other.

Motion Compensation Systems – In this application large scale hydraulics are used to compensate for the effects of drilling vessel motion and heaving on a fixed and rotating drill string and bit.

BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Lift Cylinders – Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders provide both primary and secondary tensioning systems for BOP stacks.

Subsea Piston Accumulators – Covering pressures up to 5000 PSI or more, these hydraulic accumulators can provide multiple functions including dampening of pressure transients in the power generation system, and a ready supply of fluid pressure for secondary systems.

CPI Linear Position Sensors for the Oil Exploration and Mining Industry

Hydraulics used in these large bore, long stroke applications are a perfect fit for the unique performance characteristics of the CPI SL 1490 series of position sensors. With its customizable 7-10 meter sensing range and its ability to be completely immersed within hydraulic fluid, the sensor provides 1mm accuracy over its travel range.

All CPI Linear Position Sensors are LVDT based for a completely non-contacting solution to linear position measurement in large scale hydraulics or even telescoping cylinders. The sensors are based on a draw wire technology but use a unique sealed LVDT (Linear Voltage Differential Transformer) implementation that converts the rotational motion of the spool into linear displacement. Key features include simple support electronics and the ability to provide absolute position measurement signals, no “zeroing out” of the cylinder is ever required.

CPI Has Deep Experience In Large Scale, Long Stroke Hydraulics

For almost 15 years CPI has been building uniquely capable position sensors for hydraulics industry. Our niche is the durability, and survivability of our equipment, excelling in the toughest operating environments throughout the world.

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