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Our Waterproof Momentary Pendant Switches Are Movie Stars…

Squibs Using CPIwaterproof Momentary Pendant switches

Ever watch a good horror film? Or a good battle scene in a war movie? If you’re one of those folks who doesn’t go running for the bathroom when the on-screen blood starts to flow, then you’ve probably seen one of the most unique applications for our waterproof momentary pendant switches that we know about…

CPI Waterproof momentary switch, pendant style switch for blood squibs
This dual effect model by Squib FX uses two of our low force pendant switches.

They’re called “Squibs” and they are air powered non-explosive bullet hit rigs and blood delivery systems which are used to create the illusion of gunshot wounds and blood sprays and splats for everything from Freddie Kruger slash films to police drama’s, war films, even civil war reenactments!

Squibs work in a fairly straightforward way… a cylinder filled with compressed air once triggered, powers an explosive force which drives fake blood, or other material out of a tube. The tube is strategically located on the actor and the switch can routed through the actors clothing, or alternately off camera to a separate operator.

The squib in the picture is made by Squib FX, and uses two of our B7151-18 pendant switches, allowing for two simultaneous blood effects like both an entry and an exit wound or other dual position effects. The B7151 is a sealed momentary contact switch that is completely waterproof. This model is a “low force” variation of our basic switch allowing for quick manual responsiveness and better tactile feel for the actors. CPI switches were chosen for their ability to be used in wet, dirty movie environments as this switch is sealed in a santoprene casing and is industrial rated. Pictured is our two wire version but the switch is also available in 3 conductor with special terminations and coil cords.

We knew it was just a matter of time before our switches became stars! If you have application you’d like to cast our waterproof switches in, give us a call.

At CPI we get it right on the first take…

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