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Waterproof Switches for Specialty Vehicles.

Police Motorcycle Kick Down Switch

While many of the most demanding applications for our waterproof switches exist in military vehicles, planes, offshore drilling equipment, naval vessels, and mining and drilling equipment, it turns out that our switches have found a home in wide range of specialty vehicles, recreational vehicles, and farm vehicles too. Switch uses in these vehicles vary, but the common thread is the requirement for reliable operation and longevity under potentially abusive environmental conditions.

Back Up Alarm Switch

– Anyone who’s worked in construction or walked through a Home Depot has heard that high loud beeping sound as a dump truck or Forklift operates nearby. Construction Vehicles, Forklifts, delivery trucks, dump trucks and farm combines are just a few of the places you will find our E1 series limit switches activating a variety of audible alarms. Since this equipment usually needs to operate outdoors it is important for this application to have a truly waterproof switch capable of driving a variety of current loads.

Cab Closed Interlock Switch

– Originally designed for the Military, our J4 plunger switch has seen operation in a variety of Safety Interlock applications on a wide variety of vehicles. Our rugged design comes with a wiper seal and a plunger that can withstand 50 psi to overcome hardened-sand, complete operation underwater, or ice buildup.

Start Switch

– Whether its your Jet Ski, Snowmobile, or your Quad, you need a start switch which won’t fail in a saltwater, or outdoor environment. These are vehicles that are designed to be abused, and the switches in them better be designed that way too. Our D1040D is a panel mount version of our waterproof plunger switch which is pretty much ideal for this purpose.

Kick Stand Down Detection

– Communication systems used on police motorcycles rely on our E1092 series switches to provide seamless flow of communications to police dismounting their vehicles. Our switch is mounted to the kickstand using a custom bracket and reliably detects tell them when the kickstand is down so that helmet audio sources can be rerouted instantly. Our switch replaced a competitors limit switch that failed constantly due to the high vibration environment, and its inability to handle the actuator overtravel common to real world use.

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