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Limit Switches – Unlimited Uses.

As one of the worlds leading providers of custom designed, waterproof limit switches for over 50 years, our products have been designed into some pretty diverse applications. Some of them are pretty easy to understand, like the panel mounted kill… Continue reading Limit Switches – Unlimited Uses.

Industrial Applications for a CPI Thermal Cutoff Switch

CPI Thermal Cutoff Switches offer some of the most reliable and dependable temperature control in the industry, and as such have many unique applications where an uncompromising approach to thermal switch design is needed. Our product family has a calibration… Continue reading Industrial Applications for a CPI Thermal Cutoff Switch

What Is An Electromechanical Limit Switch?

In the broadest sense, a limit switch is an electromechanical device designed to detect the presence or absence of another physical object, usually a piece of machinery that moves or travels. Perhaps one of the best ways to understand limit… Continue reading What Is An Electromechanical Limit Switch?

Electromechanical Switch Endurance

If you’re an engineer concerned about the reliability of your switch in a hostile, demanding operational environment, then you’re worried about electromechanical switch endurance. In applications like limit switches, safety interlock switches, door open/close switches, and many others, failure of… Continue reading Electromechanical Switch Endurance

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