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Limit Switches – Unlimited Uses.

As one of the worlds leading providers of custom designed, waterproof limit switches for over 50 years, our products have been designed into some pretty diverse applications. Some of them are pretty easy to understand, like the panel mounted kill switch for a motorboat engine, or a “dishwasher door closed” detector. Other applications include high tech industrial equipment applications or even military grade uses. Some of these are so secret, we’re not exactly sure what they’re being used for….(-:

But any way you slice it, there are a few common attributes that drive limit switch customers to our door.

  1. A high failure rate on some other manufacturer’s limit switch that alleged to be waterproof but really wasn’t.
  2. Custom requirements – ie. You need to replace a switch that isn’t reliable with one that is and it has to be a form-fit-and-function replacement.
  3. Safety Applications – When machine or human safety is involved, this is generally a bad place to cut costs by looking for cheap “water resistant” limit switches.
  4. Operation in a hot, dirty, dusty and wet environment. This is where our limit switches live and thrive.

Applications of CPI Waterproof Limit Switches.

Landscaping Wood Chipper – Vermeer Brush Chippers

In this application CPI was asked to replace a roller actuator style limit switch used as a direction indicator in a brush chipper from Vermeer. Our client had become frustrated by the lack of water resistance of the previous switch and its all too common field failures. CPI was contracted to replace the switch in a form, fit, and function custom engineering activity.

“Essentially they just sent us the Cams and said to make it work..” says Pete Gagliardi, CPI’s chief application engineer for the limit switch product line. CPI took care to insure that in addition to being a truly waterproof solution, a custom angle mount was developed to fit the existing mounting provisions. Our basic switch was drawn from the E1 series with a completely sealed roller actuator design. In the CPI solution both a “right and left” version of the actuator were created and the switch was completely sealed in santoprene insuring high immunity from the rather violent operating environment encountered by your average wood chipper. Neither Rain, dust, dirt, nor heat of day penetrate our seal and our field testing allowed our E1243, and E1320 to be deployed as a permanent production solution.

Military Vehicle “Cab Down” Detection – Oshkosh Truck LTAS vehicle

Limit Switch for Military Use In this LTAS compliant vehicle developed for the US Army, you have a raise the entire cab to get at the engine. However before you can spring into action, you have to be darn sure the cab is down and locked into place. Furthermore the operating environment inside a hot enclosed engine bay in a vehicle design for active military duty… well it pretty much doesn’t get any rougher than that.

In this application Oshkosh was once again choosing to replace another manufacturers switch due to high failure in dust, dirt and mud.   Oshkosh chose our E1 series plunger switch for this critical application and we were able to fully qualify it demonstrating improved electromechanical endurance and an extreme resistance to temperature and particulates common to this operating environment. Being 100% designed, manufactured and tested in the USA doesn’t hurt either.

Here are just a few other applications for our switches:

  1. Safety detection – Pin present/not present detection for a lawnmower deck (J4 series)
  2. Safety detection – Safety interlock for I-Beam drill press mounting.
  3. Safety detection – Torpedo hatch door open/closed.
  4. Safety detection – Top of travel detection for crane cable
  5. Panel Switch – City bus fuel conservation system.

Limit Switches by CPI

Our line of limit switches can be customized to your requirements and fully tested and qualified in your application, no matter what it is, or where it needs to operate. If you think your application is tough enough for our limit switches, give us a call today.

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