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CPI Linear Position Sensor Applications

Offshore Drilling uses Long-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders

Since we introduced our first LVDT based position sensors back in 1997, we’ve learned a lot about how to refine and extend this technology into some amazing industrial applications. Originally developed for the mobile hydraulics market, CPI sensors have evolved to find uses in many different industries where reliable operation, long stroke lengths and design flexibility are primary requirements. Here are just a few of the many places our unique LVDT sensor design has been deployed.

Steel Foundries

Steel fabrication and foundry operations require powerful hydraulic cylinders with accurate position sensing. This has become excellent opportunity for our SL Series Linear Position Sensor, as traditional rod-type sensors do not stand up to the extreme high temperatures in this environment. To prolong the life of these traditional sensors some equipment manufacturers have gone as far as installing cooling jackets on the cylinders to prolong their life, but despite this they are still replaced regularly. CPI’s SL Series sensors can operate in temperatures up to 257F while the absolute maximum temp for magnetostrictive sensors is 185F. SL series sensors feature both accuracy and reliability in this application and can save operators time and money as our sensors last much longer in this environment.

Oil Refinery Application

Another example of our sensor’s flexibility can be seen in oil refinery equipment, where the SL series position sensor was part of a valve control system used in the coking process. There are particularly high temperatures in this application, making rod-type magnetostrictive sensors unusable.

Piston Accumulators

This is an outstanding application for SL Series sensors, as there is no better way to sense the potential within a hydraulic accumulator. Manufacturers have tried to use pressure and flow sensors, which do not provide true piston position due to inevitable system losses around the seals. They’ve even designed rod-type sensors into a few applications, which require substantial design accommodations, and the addition of another leak point where the probe passes through the piston.

The SL series sensor has none of these drawbacks and enters the accumulator through a single SAE size 8 fluid port and attaches to a 7/16-20 hole machined into the piston. The cable is connected to an LVDT that provides a continuous and absolute analog or digital output signal indicative of the piston location.

Oil And Gas Exploration

Immense telescoping hydraulic cylinders are used to raise and lower the platforms on land based drilling rigs. CPI SL series are the only internal sensors designed to operate on telescoping cylinders and can handle stroke lengths of up to 7 meters long.

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