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Industrial Applications for a CPI Thermal Cutoff Switch

SnapStat Thermal Cutoff Switches

CPI Thermal Cutoff Switches offer some of the most reliable and dependable temperature control in the industry, and as such have many unique applications where an uncompromising approach to thermal switch design is needed. Our product family has a calibration range of 0 to 1850 degrees F and a momentary overshoot up to 2000 degrees F. They feature rapid response time in either snap action, bimetallic, rod & tube, or solid state configurations.

Additionally these parts are tough, designed to withstand shock and vibration and are environmentally sealed to ensure long operating life under the most severe operating conditions.

Applications for CPI Thermal Switches.

Thermal switches are specified as cut-off switches because they represent a straight-forward approach to shutting down a system if a critical temperature is reached. The simplicity of an electromechanical temperature switch is what makes this approach so desirable to designers, as they are passive devices which require no power, and will reliably change state at the specified set point.

  1. Flame Detection in Aircraft Engines.
  2. Plastics extruder barrel overtemp detection in plastics manufacturing.
  3. Brake overtemp indication in industrial vehicles and airplanes.
  4. Engine cooling fan control.
  5. Clutch overtemp in escalators.
  6. Bleed air overtemp indication on aircraft environmental control systems
  7. Window defrost temperature detection on advanced military vehicles.
  8. Over temperature detection for processing equipment in oil refinery process.
  9. Aircraft Avionics overtemp detection.
  10. Gas shut-off  flame detection on railroad switch de-icing application.

Our expertise in designing and deploying custom thermal cutoff switches goes deep. Control Products, Inc. was founded in 1946 with a line of thermal switches for aerospace and industrial applications. Developing expertise in precise calibration of these devices over a broad temperature range, the company’s business expanded into many different industries, providing a diverse portfolio of experience.

Thermal Cutoff Switch Product Line

Currently CPI maintains three primary switch types in its product line:

SnapStats (0°F – 300°F): Contact movement in the temp switch is achieved using a bimetallic snap disc. Snap action provides shock and vibration immunity and a broader differential. Set point range: 0°F-300°F (-17.8°C-148°C)

PlugStats (0°F – 650°F): Contact movement is achieved via the different expansion rates of two metals fused together. This is a slow-make-and-break device, which provides very close tolerance temperature sensing, with a small differential. Set point range: 0°F-650F (-17.8°C-343°C)

Rod & Tubes: (0°F – 1750°F): Contact movement in the switches is achieved via differences in coefficients of expansion of two materials, in this case the outer tube and the internal rod. This product offers very rapid response time and very high temperature sensing. Set point range: 0°F-1750°F (-18.3°C-954°C).

For a detailed breakdown of our thermal switch line visit our Thermal Cutoff Switch Page.

For more information about CPI visit our website at https://cpi-nj.com

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