Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
& Linear Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensor Technology Choices

There are a number of technologies to choose from when considering the implementation of a linear position sensor.  As CPI’s own sensors focus on the needs of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic accumulator designers, it is instructive to review the various… Continue reading Linear Position Sensor Technology Choices

CPI Linear Position Sensor Applications

Since we introduced our first LVDT based position sensors back in 1997, we’ve learned a lot about how to refine and extend this technology into some amazing industrial applications. Originally developed for the mobile hydraulics market, CPI sensors have evolved… Continue reading CPI Linear Position Sensor Applications

Applying Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

What is a Smart (Hydraulic) Cylinder? Smart hydraulic cylinders gain their name from the fact that highly accurate position sensing electronics are integrated with the hydraulics in a single actuator.  Thus these cylinders are “smart” about understanding cylinder position allowing… Continue reading Applying Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

LVDT Based Linear Position Sensors

Engineers and heavy equipment operators responsible for the maintenance of large scale hydraulics in the field, know what’s at stake when these systems fail.  Costs to repair and impact to production represent a huge operational risk that can quickly have… Continue reading LVDT Based Linear Position Sensors

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