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LVDT Based Linear Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensor by CPI

Engineers and heavy equipment operators responsible for the maintenance of large scale hydraulics in the field, know what’s at stake when these systems fail.  Costs to repair and impact to production represent a huge operational risk that can quickly have large financial repercussions.  These risks to equipment and productivity are a key hydraulic cylinder design consideration and steps are typically taken to minimize potential failure modes at every step of the engineering process.

Last year, CPI took a big step forward in addressing one part of the reliability challenge faced by hydraulic cylinder designers and field operators.  CPI’s introduced its line of high reliability, LVDT based linear position sensors.

These LVDT sensors are a game changer for the mobile hydraulics industry.  Building on technology that has been field proven for decades, these devices bring existing linear position sensors into the 21st century with unique operational characteristics that have none of the drawbacks of magnetostrictive rod-type sensors.

Primary among the superior operational characteristics are:

  1. Inherently immune to warping or vibration, because our sensors are not rod based.
  2. Extended temperature range.  Rod-type sensors can only operate up to 185F but our sensor has an operating range up to 300F.
  3. 100% drop-in replacement for existing rod-type magnetostrictive sensors. No additional drilling of the core is required.
  4. One part number can replace rod-type sensors of a wide variety of lengths.  No more stocking many individual rod lengths in the field.
  5. Drop in replacement for “long stroke” cylinders up to 23 feet in length.

Sound too good to be true?  We think so. To see how easy it really is to insert our LVDT Sensor inside an existing cylinder, look at our hydraulic position sensor installation video here.

If you have a potential application for our SL Series hydraulic cylinder position sensor, we’d like to talk to you. We think once you see it in operation, you’ll understand that you’re looking at the future.

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