Hi-Endurance Switching, Sensing
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Work Truck Safety Switch Applications

With the 2024 work truck show in full swing, the broad category of “Work Trucks” or “vocational trucks” is very much on our minds. These trucks include vehicles from ambulances to class 8 heavy trucks weighing over 33,000 pounds .… Continue reading Work Truck Safety Switch Applications

Work Truck Show 2024

The Work Truck Association™ has released the full Work Truck Week® 2024 schedule for North America’s largest yearly work truck event. It runs March 5–8, 2024, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Over 500 companies will be there sporting the latest trucks,… Continue reading Work Truck Show 2024

Thermal Switches in Work Truck Applications

Harsh duty thermal switches like CPI’s have seen an evolution for over 70 years. Their tough operating capability and high degree of accuracy and dependability have made them ideal for military and tough commercial applications in aviation, construction, mining and… Continue reading Thermal Switches in Work Truck Applications

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