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Military Grade Waterproof Switches

At CPI, we’ve been telling people for years about the robustness and reliability built into every USA designed and manufactured waterproof switch that we make. For applications from recreational vehicles, to advanced military and avionics applications, CPI switch hardware gets chosen because there is just no other solution out there that embodies the “no compromises” philosophy of design and engineering while building such a versatile, durable, and truly waterproof switch.

But since we are blue-in-the-face at this point, we’ll just turn it over to one of our recent clients while we catch our breath.

Arming Military Aircraft – The GP-19 Gun Pod

Military Grade Waterproof Switches used on GP-19 Gun PodDesigned primarily for helicopters, the GP-19 Gun Pod brings a modular, high reliability solution to the addition of firepower to helicopters and really any other combat ready vehicle.  Made by FULCRUM CONCEPTS, of Mattaponi, VA, the GP-19 is packed with features that make it ideal for airborne combat operations The GP-19 gun pod is a modern .50 cal gun made for sustained high rates of fire and designed for maximum reliability. The gun pod contains an integrated ammunition booster motor and a simple ammunition feed system. Because the GP-19 is fully self-contained, it is jettisonable, easily integrated, and aerodynamically optimized.

Inherent in the advanced features of the GP-19 is something called the “Last Round Switch” or LRS. This critical system determines when the ammunition magazine is empty (~50 rounds between magazine and gun), so as to facilitate a quick re-load.  This means you can quickly reload with a full magazine and not have to load rounds all the way through the system (booster, flex chute, gun feeder etc).  The gun also has a LRO (last round override) function which allows for the complete empty of the system if necessary.  All of this is critical operation is verified by the position of the last round switch.

When choosing what to use for the LRS, the team at Fulcrum Concepts landed on CPI waterproof switches for one primary reason: reliability. The team designed in our r B9111 Waterproof Momentary Switch for use in the system. Key to operation in the anticipated environment are operation over the full Mil-spec temperature range, and an extremely high electromechanical endurance.

Waterproof Start Switch - Panel MountOur waterproof switch uses a D1040 Plunger Switch mounting for actuation in this application. One of the great flexibilities of the CPI waterproof switch product line is its ability to be mounted in dozens of actuator assemblies, to fit any mechanical constraints in application. Our versatile form factors with their low footprint are unique in the industry.

The switch assembly itself is 100% high grade stainless and is truly waterproof, not just water resistant.

Our B9111 is a Low Temp version of our Normally open pushbutton pendant switch completely sealed in a santoprene enclosure. Wire lengths are prespecified and shipped sealed in the housing from the factory at whatever length the customer requires. The switch operates reliably down to -40F. The switch can be specified into one of dozens of low profie mounting brackets, or we can custom design one for you.

Our basic waterproof switch design has been qualified to over 1 million cycles of electromechanical endurance.

High Endurance Switches For Military Applications

CPI waterproof switches have found themselves in hundreds of military applications over the years such as:

  • Avionics Bay Thermal switches
  • Gun over-temperature detection
  • Military Cab-Down detection
  • Outrigger deployed feedback
  • Magazine empty detection.
  • Hatch closed/open detection
  • Neutral Safety Detection
  • Dozens of Safety System Detection Sensor applications.

If you need one of the worlds most reliable waterproof switching solutions for your military grade switching or sensor application, please call us today.


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