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CPI is Giving Work Trucks a Lift

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In the world of work trucks, there are literally hundreds of applications for lifts of some kind.  These can be either hydraulic or electric and can be found on everything from your commonly used forklift, to scissor lifts, to liftgates on the back of your rented Uhaul. Common design and safety considerations for switches used in industrial lifts include the following:
  1. Outdoor or Industrial Use – Lifts are generally deployed in conditions that require resistance to the elements, and some durability under environmental extremes. These are almost universally industrial grade applications, not consumer grade.
  2. End of Travel Detection – Whether operator controlled or automatic, you don’t want your engine or hydraulic pumps running when the lift is at the end of its range. Mechanically actuated shutoff switches are common in these kinds of applications.
  3. Small Form Factor – It’s really important that the form factor of these switches be kept small yet be extremely tough and reliable for use in tight spots, or panel or steering wheel mounting.
  4. Both Mechanical or Human Actuation – Lifts typically employ both types of switches. One that requires the right tactile feel for human operators and another which offers high durability and a calibrated mechanical actuation with long lifetime and high durability.
  5. Resistance to Vibration – Work trucks and lift vehicles are subject to high vibration and sudden impacts during operation and can’t fail to operate as a result. Designs of safety and control switches must demonstrate a high degree of immunity to vibration.

Common CPI Switches Used In Lift Applications

                   E1092                                                                 E1117                                                                E1221                                                               B7151-18

The brackets pictured are just a few of the mounting options commonly used in lift applications. All brackets enclose one of our B-Series waterproof switches which are designed for high vibration immunity and electro-mechanical endurance of anywhere from 50,000 to 1 million cycles depending on operating voltage and current.

The B7151-18 is a momentary switch commonly used for hand actuation without a bracket. It has a high button profile for better tactile feel and is completely waterproof.

Common lift applications for these switches include:

·         End of travel detection.

Electrical Characteristics

·         Lift Start/Stop

·         Horn or alarm activation.

·         Brake inching switch

E1s: (28VDC / 120VAC): 5 amps resistive, 3 amps inductive. Higher ratings available on special order. UL recognized for 120VAC, 5 amp resistive rating upon request.

·         Battery compartment door / tray position

·         Mast limit detection

Endurance: 100,000 to 5 million cycles (depending on configuration)

·         Lift Angle Detection

Operating temperature range: -50F to 221F

·         Operator presence detection

Resistance to salt, spray, sand, dust, high vibration & cleaning chemicals

A common mounting option for hand actuated B-Series Switches when used on the control arm.

For more information on using CPI switches in your lift application please call our application team or contact us.

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