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The types and sizes of cranes used in the world vary enormously, from small hoists that can be mounted on your truck bed, to telescoping hydraulic crane systems rising hundreds of feet into the air able to lift hundreds of tons. It turns out that CPI waterproof switches, and linear position sensors find a home in these diverse implementations, solving a variety of sensing problems in crane mechanics. As always, the solutions we provide are are robust, no-nonsense, fully hardened, fully waterproof solutions. Our switches are meant to be the “final solution” to any and all challenging sensing environments on cranes and all sorts of commercial work trucks and vehicles.

Waterproof safety Limit Switches for Crane and Lift Applications

CPI’s line of waterproof switches see’s usage in a variety of crane applications where a critical safety limit switch is needed that is potentially exposed to the elements. Because of the small form factor, sealed switch and leads, and high vibration immunity, our switches combined with one of our many mounting bracket options, demonstrate some of the highest electromechanical endurance to be found, up to 1 million cycles.

Common applications include:

  • Anti Two Block Prevention – Also referred to as the “ulitmate limit”, CPI limit switches alert operators so as to prevent over-hoisting of the hook assembly. In this application our J4 hardened ball switch is commonly used. See anti-two-block switch for a more detailed discussion of this application
  • Outrigger Locked Detection – In this critical crane safety application, either our E1092 or our E1127 has been used. The CPI switches have a number of characteristics that made them perfect for this application.
    1. CPI switches were small enough to be mounted inside the outrigger tube there by protecting them from outside damage.
    2. CPI switches are truly waterproof thereby protecting the switch from a harsh and potentially wet outdoor environment.
    3. CPI switches are pre-wired and available with a waterproof connector thereby greatly reducing assembly time and failure modes and further increasing durability.
  • Hoisting Motion Arrest – Limit switches from CPI can be used here to both detect hoist position and to slow or arrest it before it reaches end of travel.
  • Position Detection – In some crane applications, limit switches can be used to detect travel motion to prevent impact at stop ends. These limit switches can provide consistent fixed calibration points that act as a double check on crane position and sway control height.

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