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Subsea Rated Linear Position Sensors

Harsh Duty Draw Wire Linear Position Sensors - Engineered for Reliable and Long Lasting Subsea Operation

With the Introduction of the CPI SL2000-6000 Series of sensors, hydraulic system designers now have a harsh duty linear position sensor option that is unique in the industry. The SL2000-6000 products combine two proven technologies into a sensor system that is fully subsea capable, which can be deployed inside the cylinder or in open seawater to depths of 10,000 feet.

CPI’s harsh duty draw wire sensors have been deployed around the world, in huge subsea accumulators at the bottom of the gulf, or the advanced hydraulic systems associated with riser tensioning systems on offshore oil and gas drilling platforms. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers with harsh duty or seaward facing applications require a super durable, long lifetime, and accurate position sensing solution like the CPI SL Series of Linear Position Sensors.

CPI’s sensors can be deployed inside or outside a hydraulic cylinder or accumulator and are largely immune to pressure effects even when submerged in sea water or hydraulic fluid. 

CPI'S SL6000 Can operate immersed in seawater for stroke lengths up to 100 feet.

How Do CPI Draw Wire Position Sensors Achieve Subsea Operation?

  • The draw wire core is CPI’s patented linear-to-rotary-to-linear design, whose custom metallurgy prevents binding and is an extremely accurate draw wire measurement system.
  • Our system is completely vented so the sensor will operate within the high pressure environment of hydraulic cylinders / piston accumulators, as well as subsea deep submersion environments.  Component materials are specified for operation directly in sea water for external draw wire sensor system applications.
  • A short-probe magnetostrictive sensor serves as the core sensing technology, offering virtually any signal output. The sensor head is enclosed in a pressure vessel, which is fitted with a subsea rated electrical connector.
  • The sensor can be installed inside of any hydraulic cylinder or accumulator and operates without issue, in fully submerged in hot hydraulic oil as well.

SL Series sensors are the most reliable technology for measuring piston position in hydraulic accumulators.

  • Mount on the gas or fluid side
  • No need for a through-hole in the piston
  • Non-contacting magnetostrictive technology = limitless life
  • Can operate in virtually any fluid, including seawater

SL Series sensors are the only reliable internal-mount position sensing solution for telescoping cylinders.

  • Stroke length sensing range from 3M up to 30M
  • Proven accuracy over full stroke lengths
  • Works on all multi-stage cylinders of any length
  • Redundant versions available

Common Marine or Subsea Applications for CPI Linear Position Sensors:

  • Motion compensation actuators on offshore drilling platforms
  • BOP actuators (Blow Out Preventers)
  • Subsea piston accumulators (Measurement of Charge Storage)
  • Platform position measurement
  • Piston accumulators, heave compensation systems
  • Off-shore telescopic cranes
  • Telescoping Hydraulics
  • Broad Use External Measurement Sensors for Harsh Environment.

Choose CPI as your Partner for Harsh Duty Position Sensing Engineering

CPI works with hydraulics manufacturers and end users all over the world to craft the perfect sensor system for a wide variety of hydraulic cylinder position measurement applications. We offer our harsh duty draw wire sensors in “off the shelf” models as well as models that our engineering team carefully customizes and qualifies for your unique requirements. The common thread is that our sensors are built to be the most durable in the world, period.

Make the "Switch" to CPI

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