SL6000 Internal Mount Safety Rated Linear Position Sensor – 100 ft (30 meters)

A long stroke hydraulic accumulator position sensor fully ATEX & IECEx certified, and suitable for both subsea and surface deployments with stroke lengths to 30m.


The SL6000 Series represents an extension of our magnetostrictive-based draw wire sensors, expanding both draw wire range and cycle life.  Originally designed to meet the demands of offshore motion sensing, they are suitable for both surface and subsea deployment in long stroke hydraulic cylinders and accumulators.  As with all of our SL Series products, the SL6000 can be deployed externally in harsh duty draw wire sensor applications.

By coupling short-stroke magnetostrictive sensors to our patented linear-to-rotary-to-linear draw wire measurement technology, we leverage the significant advantages of each technology, with none of the drawbacks.  Since only a short probe (rod) is required, we eliminate typical concerns related to rod sagging due to shock and vibration, rod deflection, and end of stroke dead zones while dramatically extending linear sensing capability. Like our LVDT based SL Series sensors, the entire technology is non-contacting.

SL6000 is designed for complete immersion in virtually any hydraulic fluid inside a hydraulic cylinder or accumulator.  Additionally this sensor will operate in water or sea water and in an air or gas environment. The 100 foot (30 meter) sensing range is achieved using a reduction drive coupled to multiple power springs.  The result is a robust draw wire core which provides sufficient return force and smooth operation through the full cable extension without approaching stress thresholds of any components.

ATEX / IECEX Certification

All of the highly developed configurations and certifications achieved by magnetostrictive sensor manufacturers are now available for challenging long-stroke applications, where installing a rod-type sensor is not practical or even possible.  Leading manufacturers including MTS offer virtually any intrinsic safety rating for the most demanding applications. See these representative product data sheets from MTS that feature typical ATEX, IECEX and SIL ratings.

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