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Smart Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensing

A CPI sensor based smart cylinder design eliminates the vlunerability of external mechanical linkages posed by  these problems because its linear displacement transducer can reside completely inside the cylinder. In fact, CPI smart cylinders are not discernable from standard hydraulic cylinders, except for the M12-style electrical connector on the side.

CPI smart cylinders use SL Series linear displacement transducers to provide electronic feedback of piston position. This new, non-contacting, absolute sensor technology was specifically developed to meet the needs of mobile equipment applications.

Typical smart cylinders constructed with CPI position sensors use mounted displacement transducers, shown at left, above. These feedback devices do not require center boring the piston rod, which makes installation more convenient and economical.

CPI sensors are pressure resistant as they have no sealed enclosures and can be mounted on the oil or gas side of the cylinder. They are LVDT based, completely non-contacting and highly immune to EMI, temperature and other potential measurement distortions.

CPI Smart Hydraulic Cylinder Sensor Products

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