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Clean Technology for A Greener World

Progress toward lower carbon emissions, and greener power and transportation choices have created some amazing and exciting evolutions in technology. Green Technology goes alongside the concept of sustainability, which seeks to balance the efforts around protecting the environment, with a more socially responsible society and a healthier economy. The Green technology conversation now extends way beyond solar panels and windmills, into almost everything that man produces. Technology around the valorization of waste products, the absorption of CO2, or the electrification of trucks and airplanes are just a few of the frontiers in an unstoppable green revolution.

CPI is Part of the Green Revolution

CPI’s commitment to sustainability and green engineering goes well beyond the large ground mounted solar array that powers much of our factory. Our USA manufactured products are seeing increased design-in’s for a diverse array of initiatives and products related to green engineering. From electric vehicle charging stations, to electric trucks and busses, to thermal detection in high current electric generators, or fuel cell technology, CPI Thermal and Waterproof switches can be found performing reliable switching and sensing, especially in the harsh outdoor environments that many green focused products require.

Here’s just a few of the places you will find CPI switches, doing their part to support development of a greener, cleaner world.

EV Charging Stations – Commercial charging stations are becoming ubiquitous fixtures in the parking lots of malls and supermarkets across the country. They are of course exposed to the wind, rain, hot sun, and freezing winter, not to mention a certain amount of human abuse. Thanks to our environmental immunity, CPI waterproof switches are used for holstering detection, anti-tampering devices, and panel removal alarms.

Electric Bus Charging Solutions – Prototype electric buses employ magnetic charging solutions that actually charge the bus while its sitting at each bus stop. Because of the high electromagnetic field in use, cpi developed special versions of our AD190 Thermal Switch with a dielectric resistance up to 5000 VAC. Their double snap action and hermetic sealing option, make them perfect for this application.

Windmill Warming – Windmills are often subject to extremes of temperature, especially cold which can affect the operation of their electronics. Our M1001 Plugstat Thermal Switch is a hermetically sealed, bimetal thermal detector rated for accurate switching down to -17 degrees C. Long before it gets that cold, our switch triggers a warming circuit that keeps all the windmill electronics well within their operating temperature range.

Fuel Cells – Reactions within a fuel cell are carefully temperature controlled to allow for maximum efficiency in energy conversion. That’s where our AD173 bimetallic thermal switch comes in. This switch has a small form factor that can detect temperatures from –18C to 148C with tolerances as tight as 2.8C.

Electric Trucks – The development of electric versions of long haul trucks depends on the eAxle where large voltages and currents drive powerful motors that turn the wheels. Our waterproof limit switches protect service technicians by disabling power when the service panel is removed.

Smart Power Grid – Key to enabling the smart power distribution systems of the future is central office monitoring. Our J4 Ball switch has been used by power companies to detect the state of circuit breakers on electric towers, saving technicians the time, expense, and danger of climbing the pole. We dubbed this application “Plungers on Poles!”

CPI Switches Help Enable a Greener World

The reason Green equipment makers choose CPI is pretty much the same reason most people choose CPI products: Reliable, durable, long lasting electronics that don’t break the bank. All made in the USA.

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