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Marine Boat Lift Reaches a New Low, with CPI Switches

On a beautiful sunny day not too long ago, Raptor Lifts founder Jeff Troester figured it was a great day to load the family into the car and take the boat out on the lake. After spending the requisite 2 hours getting kids, towels, sunscreen, life jackets, snacks etc… together the family headed out.

They all got to the dock and loaded up the boat into the lift and lowered it, only to discover they were about 2 inches from floating. A small distance for sure, but when you think about it, it might as well be 2 miles. While his family looked on, Jeff tried every clever thing he could think of to get the boat off but nothing worked.  Plus, how would he get it back on? For want of an inch, the great family day was lost, the family piled back into the car, and ate their snacks on the way back home.

To avoid this problem over the years, Jeff paid for extra dock sections and engineered floating devices under the boat, but nothing worked consistently and all were expensive and royal pains in the *!?*$!. But as Benjamin Franklin famously said, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and it never sat right with Jeff that no boat lifts available could put a boat directly in the water without the 15 or so inches they typically require as bottom clearance. For lakeside boats in low water launch conditions, that is simply a non-starter.

Fast forward a few years later and Jeff is now the founder of “Raptor Lifts,” (https://raptorliftsmarine.com) a premiere maker of shallow water lifts for recreational boats, and the latest customer to discover CPI’s line of Waterproof Limit Switches.

CPI Limit Switches were made for Marine applications.

CPI limit switches are no strangers to the mobile lift and crane markets where manufacturers have relied for years on their unique mechanical characteristics to solve tough environmental and operational requirements. Take that durability and put it underwater, and you have a perfect description of the kind of applications CPI switches were made for.

As sensors for lift positioning and end of travel sensing, CPI limit switches are all but perfect. CPI limit switches allow customers to choose a fully sealed, truly waterproof limit switch, with a wide variety of electromechanical properties such as, button travel, maintained or momentary closure, electromechanical endurance, temperature range, and voltage and wiring configuration. This switch is then paired with one of our many stainless-steel mounting brackets which facilitate mechanical switch actuation inside of your equipment.

In the case of Raptor Lifts, the team chose the B3112 industrial grade waterproof limit switch. This switch offers momentary operation from a normally closed position but normally open variations are available as well. The switch is mounted inside our E1100 Mounting bracket which provides a straight lever actuator. When the lift moves into position, the lever is depressed, activating the switch which stops the motor.

CPI Waterproof Switch + Mounting Bracket
Almost any CPI Waterproof Switch Can be placed in our many actuator brackets.

This switch and actuator combination is run at >5A and in that environment, CPI has tested the switch to have electromechanical endurance over 1 million cycles. This means no expensive in-warranty field failures, and reliable operation throughout the life of the lift.

Give your Marine Equipment a Lift!  With CPI Limit Switches. To learn more about our waterproof limit switches, please visit our website at: https://www.cpi-nj.com/

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