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Work Trucks Work Better With CPI Switches

Work Trucks Use CPI Waterproof Switches

Manufacturers of dump bodies, lift gates, cranes, municipal and emergency vehicles, mobile construction equipment, and utility vehicles are some of CPI’s best and most loyal customers for our waterproof switch product line.

But it often doesn’t start that way!

It’s easy for manufacturers to fall into the trap of thinking that inexpensive offshore-made switches that claim to be waterproof will do the job in their application. However common problems includes loss of seal integrity, mounting problems, and short electromechanical endurance under real-world conditions leading to expensive in-warranty repair issues.

Its that kind of frustration which generally leads engineers to our door. Read more about how common work-vehicle systems have been improved after the other guy’s waterproof switch didn’t cut it.

These and hundreds of other applications for our safety limit switches, switch panels, and pendant switches make CPI the partner you turn to.

For more information on all our waterproof switch products visit us on the web at https://cpi-nj.com/waterproof-switches

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