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Waterproof Momentary Switch Technology

For extreme duty applications a mechanically activated momentary switch is often a critically necessary electronic component, and can also be a primary operational failure point. CPI’s line of Waterproof Momentary switches have been staying dry and operational for over 40 years in the harshest operating environments imaginable through a combination of precise engineering, high quality manufacturing, and robust field testing in the application.

What’s so hard about waterproofing a momentary switch?

Glad you asked. And you’re right to some degree, just seal the switch in rubber, let the contact wires out and we’re good to go right?

That is until you look at the environmental operating requirements of something like a heavy duty construction crane, or oil rig blowout preventer. In these applications design considerations for a momentary switch go well beyond just being waterproof. The hazards in these environments include the following:

  1. Contact contamination due to salt, dust, condensation etc.
  2. Contact chatter immunity in high vibration environments.
  3. Switch failure due to heavy electrical load and impulse (startup) loads.
  4. Cold temperature operation and response time.
  5. Required MTBF of over 1 million mechanical cycles.

Many of these requirements work against one another in the overall design, not to mention that any good final design has to be manufactured for as low a cost as possible.

CPI’s solution to Robust Momentary Switch Design.

CPI Waterproof Momentary Switches CPI offers cost effective Santoprene sealed switching solutions to a wide variety of waterproof momentary switch design applications. In these designs, parameters such as pre-travel, over-travel, actuation and contact type, and MTBF can be specified. Our thermoplastic santoprene sealing process creates an industrial grade configuration that is truly waterproof, not just water resistant. These products meet IP68 and are UL available.

For our military and other specialty applications, CPI offers momentary contact waterproof switches sealed in Neoprene rubber with full MIL-C ratings for temperature operation down to -65 degrees Farenheit. (MS39058)

And all switch types benefit from a wide variety of mounting configurations from “v-back” for easy mounting on pipes and tubes, to a variety of bracket and panel mounting options.

Momentary Switch Types

CPI manufactures momentary switches in a number of form factors including plunger switches, pendant switches. For a full overview of our product line see our CPI momentary switch product page on our website.

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