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Renewable Energy Applications Use CPI Thermals

Lately it feels like there is a race between the widespread improvement and adoption of renewable energy sources, and the worst effects of a rapidly warming planet. We’re not there yet but the dedicated and intelligent work of so many… Continue reading Renewable Energy Applications Use CPI Thermals

What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

In the movie “Oppenheimer” one of the key plot points is the discussion of the development of the hydrogen bomb vs. the original atomic bomb. While the atomic bomb operates on nuclear fission, the hydrogen bomb is both a fission… Continue reading What “Oppenheimer” Missed about Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Thermal Management by CPI

As we all look forward to a greener, more sustainable energy future, the promise of hydrogen based fuel cells is certainly one of the most exciting energy technologies on the cusp of mainstream acceptance.  Fuel cells were a 10 billion… Continue reading Fuel Cell Thermal Management by CPI

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