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Making the Switch to Balloon Lighting.

E1 Limit Switch in Balloon Light for Construction Industry

Once again CPI switches have made it into an application that we couldn’t have envisioned in a month of Sunday’s… This time our switch is lighting up the construction industry, both literally and figuratively, in an application that poses a creative solution to a real world problem.

As anyone who drives a car can tell you, highway and roadside construction crew’s often work at night, and all through the night. For years crews used traditional light towers to illuminate their work, causing an almost unnatural radiance that motorists could not fail to notice miles down the road. But while these fixed tower stations could illuminate large area’s they also can have a tendency to create washed out visibility, effectively blinding oncoming motorists leading some states to pass laws restricting their use in construction areas adjacent to active traffic. Minimum road setbacks are defined and angling of the fixed lights is critical to prevent these and other issues.

Enter the light balloon: In this creative solution, diffused light is provided through, well… a balloon which typically emits 360 degrees of non-blinding light that is both safe for drivers and alerts them to oncoming roadwork. Because the light is not point sourced, it can be positioned directly on the shoulder of the road closer to the actual work site. And unlike light towers, some designs can actually be attached to construction vehicles to go where they go as work proceeds, keeping the light source where its needed without constant repositioning.

In this technology, our client 8:12 Illumination uses a high temperature HID lamp is used that can emit almost 500,000 lumens and there is a fan that inflates the balloon and runs continuously to cool the bulbs. Care must be taken that any deflation of the balloon does not allow the balloon to come in contact with the active lamps or a fire could result. In this application our E1134 Switch was chosen to provide the safety shutoff in cases of sudden puncture or deflation to insure that the balloon never touches active lamps. If the bag deflates due to high winds, motor failure, or for any other reason, the bag falls on top of our switch thereby shutting off power to the bulbs.

The CPI Limit Switch Solution for all Occasions

CPI’s E1134 Interlock Limit SwitchThe CPI E1134 Roller Lever Flush Mount Limit Switch is in fact ideal for this application. As shown, it has a straight lever actuator with a hard Nylon roller and the switching mechanism is completely sealed in neoprene. All parts are completely made of high grade stainless steel and the neoprene seal is both 100% waterproof and affords an operating temperature range up to 185F. This can be extended even further by using our santoprene sealed switch with an operating temperature up to 220F.

For electromechanical safety applications, there is no more reliable or versatile limit switch product line in the world today than CPI’s E-series limit switch. Off the shelf configurations come in a wide variety of mounting and electrical specifications with many actuator types to choose from. And of our course our 60 years in limit switch design means that if you need custom, we have the deep engineering know how to do that.

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