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Recreational Vehicles Discover CPI

Actually CPI is not new to the recreational vehicle market. A long time ago, some smart engineer working for a boat manufacturer realized that a completely sealed waterproof switch with dozens of mounting options that was good enough for the US military, might be the perfect solution for that often abused start switch on a new Jet Ski Design, or a new powerboat, or a commercial tugboat etc.

From mountain bikes, to motorized Fishing Reels, to motorcycles, it seems that when recreational folks want their final solution to waterproof hand or mechanically actuated switching, they always seem to find us.

Still, the recreational vehicle market does find ever newer and more creative ways to implement our switches and these applications and products are always of keen interest to us.

Display Switching with CPI switches

Volcon Powersports is developing a line of completely electric off road powersports vehicles. Their mission statement says it all: “Building a Connected Outdoor Experience.” Their current line includes both motorcycles and ATV’s that have a range up to 150 miles.  They are meant to be used on the farm, or just for the complete joy of tooling around your favorite outdoor path.

And the best part is what you don’t hear. Without all that piston engine noise, your connection to the world around you is enhanced, allowing you to enjoy a richer more enjoyable work or leisure experience.

These vehicles are IP 67 rated, and so its important that their components meet or exceed that too. When it came time to source some switching for their display control panel, CPI was a logical choice.

“There is a multifunction display in the front, similar to what Tesla does in its electric cars..” notes Pete Gagliardi, CPI regional sales manager. “Our switch is a front panel mounted switch used to switch the display between various modes.”

Chosen by Volcon is a customized version of the CPI B7151,  that includes an Amp Superseal (TM) connector and polyester wire sleeve. “Since this is an ATV the cab and display are exposed to the elements so its important that everything be robust and waterproof,” says Pete. The flat bottom and high button profile of the B7151 allow for under-panel mounting and better tactile feel for gloved riders.

Rediscover CPI Switches

Both Commercial and Military equipment OEM’s can face challenging outdoor environmental conditions. Whatever they may be, you won’t find a better, more reliable partner than CPI and CPI switches.

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