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Pushing the Limit on Limit Switch Applications

CPI Waterproof Switches Used by Mountain Bike Racers

As one of the world’s premiere suppliers of electromechanical, high endurance waterproof limit switches for over 70 years, CPI has accumulated quite the resume of interesting switch applications.  Our original customers were military and high endurance outdoor vehicles like dump trucks, cranes, backhoe’s, front-loaders, mining equipment etc… In general these engineers seek us out for a difficult application where requirements could not be met by existing suppliers. Often a design opportunity that went to a cheaper offshore solution, returns to us when it becomes clear that quality controls, and electromechanical endurance do not meet requirements.

But lately we are hearing more an more about applications that are well outside that realm, as our switches gain acceptance in a broad variety of markets and applications where being tough, truly waterproof , and long lasting is the most important thing.

Unique Limit Switch Applications

  1. Squibs – In this unique application, CPI pendant switches are used to activate blood packs or “squibs” used by Hollywood to simulate gunshot wounds and other special effects. The switches are activated by the actor or an off camera technician to detonate air pressure driven packs of fake blook which create an incredibly realistic exploding blood effect.
  2. Gravel Grinders – No this isn’t a piece of construction equipment, its actually a type of Mountain Bike Race! In this application, this modified form of mountain bike uses our switch to control a generator on a cross country bike rake often lasting 24 hours or more through the woods. Through rain, over rocks and mud, our switch gets the nod because it just doesn’t fail in a harsh environment.
  3. Fishing Reels – One client of ours is using a fishing-pole mounted waterproof pendant switch of ours to allow the handicapped to enjoy fishing again. Our switch controls a motor connected to the reel which can wind it in without the need for another hand to turn a mechanical handle.

Electromechanical Limit Switches by CPI

CPI engineering excels at extending the performance of limit switches by practicing one primary thing: a fanatic devotion to customer service. For limit switches this means discovering all of the parameters critical to the application, and testing the parts in the field. After 60 years of doing this, the CPI engineering team understands a few things about taking limit switches to the limit.

Applications for CPI limit switches are often safety related or critical to the performance of a machine where failure would be catastrophic. (or catastrophically expensive to fix…) Add requirements such as 5 million electro-mechanical cycles, precise actuation points, and a hostile operational environment and you’ve found a home for a CPI limit switch.

Make the switch to CPI today, call our engineering team to discuss your limit switch design requirements. Visit our website’s limit switch product page for more information.

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