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Outstanding Outriggers use CPI

Every day in the US, you’ll see outriggers used in thousands of vehicle applications. Sometimes referred to as “stabilizers,” these small but powerful hydraulic systems do exactly that: provide stability and compensation for abnormal or uncentered loads during performance of some task.

What tasks you may ask? Well here’s a few:

You utility company repair guy has these on his truck as he hangs precariously over your rose bushes in a bucket. No worries because with outriggers deployed he can extend as far as the boom allows to the right or left without fear of tipping over.

Large fire engines will need to deploy that ladder off to the 10th story of a high rise that is on fire. The lateral forces on the fire truck as the ladder rises are huge and without an outrigger to stabilize them, scenes of fireman saving people from the upper floors of a burning building would be all but nonexistent.

Backhoe/Loaders, Cranes, diggers and all manner of construction and mining vehicles. These all employ hydraulic stabilizers of one type or another for stability during digging operations.

Key Safety Parameters of Outrigger Operation

To make sure that larger outriggers are deployed safely and to full extension, limit switches are often used to detect travel and lock-in-place stability.

Commonly used in outrigger limit sensing are CPI’s E1127 for some applications and E1092 for others. The CPI switches have a number of characteristics that made them perfect for this application.

  1.  CPI switc
    CPI 1092 Waterproof Switch - Simulated Roller Actuator
    CPI E1092 Waterproof Switch – Simulated Roller Actuator
    hes were small enough to be mounted inside the outrigger tube there by protecting them from outside damage.
  2.  CPI switches are truly waterproof thereby protecting the switch from a harsh and potentially wet outdoor environment.
  3.  CPI switches are IP68 rated.
  4.  CPI switches are pre-wired in custom lengths and available with a waterproof connector reducing assembly time.
  5.  Slotted mounting holes (for adjusting actuation points)
  6.  Low-pretravel and large overtravel
  7.  Flat, simulated roller, and nylon roller actuators for maximum flexibility in mechanical actuation.

Can CPI solve Your Outrigger switch problem?

In addition to these qualities, CPI limit switches present one of the most robust switch designs in the world, surviving repeated operation in harsh conditions and over a very wide temperature range, with models available that  are guaranteed to operate down to -40F without freezing up.

Flexible stock mounting brackets and compact size complete the value proposition.

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