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Monitoring Equipment Temperature is a SnapStat with CPI Switches

Almost every large commercial machine with an engine or motor of some sort has a system for monitoring temperature. Critical systems that are thermally controlled can be designed to shut down or throttle operation to prevent system failure or deliver cooling fluids that bring operation back into nominal ranges. In every case these switches must be trusted to prevent compromised safety situations which can cause damage to both man and machines.

Depending on the operating temperatures involved, CPI’s Thermal switch products are a go-to solution for hundreds of thermal monitoring applications around the world. Our line has evolved over 50 years to include three distinct thermal switch technologies that can accurately switch at precise setpoints from -20F to 1750F.

SnapStat Thermal Switch Applications for Harsh Environments

For operating conditions in the 0 to 300o F degree range, CPI has a product line known as “SnapStat” which has been used in hundreds of harsh duty thermal monitoring environments.

Just some of these include:

  1. Galley Fire Detection – our switch has been used to detect the conditions on a ship galley’s which could cause fire and activate warning lights or sirens.
  2. Avionics equipment bay temperature Monitor – In this application our switch makes sure the overall temperature of the LRU bay stays in acceptable limits.
  3. Food Processing Equipment – Items like Fryers and portable ovens have used our switches to monitor critical thermal limits in commercial cooking equipment.
  4. Engine Oil Over Temperature – In equipment from Jets to Generators, CPI SnapStat thermal switches have been used to monitor oil temperature and activate safety systems prior to engine overheating.

A Versatile, Affordable solution to Over-Temperature Monitoring

The SnapStat switch is a close tolerance, bimetal type thermal switch made from all stainless steel and an option for a hermetically sealed design. The nature of the bimetal design makes it extremely resistant to high vibration, extremely accurate and the option for glass sealed, pre-soldered wiring of any length, makes it easy to integrate into your application.

Mounting options are equally flexible

We can even custom design a custom mounting for your application.

For over 50 years CPI has been providing robust thermal switching solutions into robust thermal applications.  Give us a call today to discuss your design.

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