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Hydraulic Position Sensor for Cranes

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: magnetostrictive sensors are the devil you know, but they aren’t the only game in town… not any more.

In fact the need to perfectly core-drill a piston cylinder, the requirements for support electronics, and the fragility of these sensors in active duty outdoor environments make us wonder why the heavy equipment industry hasn’t yet abandoned this solution in droves…

Again…the devil you know…

But the word is getting out now, and industry by industry, application by application, CPI sensors are making inroads when people realize that there is a linear position sensor expressly designed for these applications.

A recent engagement came to us from a large forestry equipment manufacturer. As a manufacturer of loaders and cranes, design requirements were such that the continuing use of magnetostrictive sensors as position sensors in the hydraulics was becoming increasingly problematic due to the tight space requirements on these type of cranes.

A viable solution for this application could easily be our SL 1200 Series.  Designed as a drop in replacement for magnetostrictive sensors, the sensor is capable of 3 meter stroke length and can be used in clevis mount hydraulic cylinders. This brief video demonstrates how this can be accomplished. :

Custom external mounting configurations have also been designed to allow for other layout and spacing considerations.  Unlike magnetostrictive, with our sensor you can separate the position measurement from the cylinder, affording you many more options for design integration, while getting a completely non-contacting, LVDT based, absolute position sensor that is far better designed for endurance in tough environments.

It even plugs directly into the hole left by the magnetostrictive sensor which you can sell on E-bay…or not.

Don’t be afraid to make the switch to CPI. Really.  It’s OK.

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