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Taking Limit Switches to the Limit

Waterproof switch line by CPI

Applications for CPI limit switches are often safety related or critical to the performance of a machine where failure would be catastrophic. (or catastrophically expensive to fix…) waterproof limit switch - E1 Series Add requirements such as 5 million electro-mechanical cycles, precise actuation points, and a hostile operational environment and you’ve found a home for a CPI limit switch.

Typically customers seek us out for a difficult application where requirements could not be met by the existing suppliers. In some cases previous design opportunities that went to a cheaper offshore solution, return to us when it becomes clear that quality controls, and electromechanical performance will not meet requirements. How quickly the joy of low pricing is overtaken by the grief of high failure rates and poor performance..)-:

Extending the performance of electromechanical limit switches.

CPI engineering excels at extending the performance of limit switches by practicing one primary thing: a fanatic devotion to customer service. For limit switches this means discovering all of the parameters critical to the application, and testing the parts in the field. After 60 years of doing this, the CPI engineering team understands a few things about taking limit switches to the limit.

  • What is the complete picture of the electrical load on the switch (resistive, inductive, current, voltage, impulse current)
  • Circuit type (Normally open/closed, SPDT, DPDT etc…)
  • Electro-mechanical endurance – how many full travel actuations, how many partial.
  • Electrical Endurance – how many cycles, typical duty cycle.
  • Travel parameters – specification of pretravel, overtravel, actuation point, differential.
  • Actuator Style – Plunger, lever, roller, ball, etc..
  • Mounting and packaging requirements.

Coupling our extensive knowledge of switch customization with a robust internal project management process affords CPI a competitive advantage when it comes to limit switch design. Add to that our commitment to USA based design and manufacturing, our small and nimble size, and our dedicated support and we firmly believe there is no better partner for your engineering team.

Make the switch to CPI today, call our engineering team to discuss your limit switch design requirements. Visit our website’s limit switch product page for more information.

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