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Liftgate Engineering for Work Trucks

CPI Liftgate control switches

Liftgate manufacturers need to contend with a great many variables as they seek to make their hydraulic lift assemblies operational on the widest possible variety of vehicles. Is it a pickup truck, straight truck, van, or trailer application being used? What are body widths? Will it be a swing up platform or a stowaway gate? What ground clearance and load must it support? Will it cantilever to support uneven ground? The list of considerations goes on well beyond these and fleet managers need to consider all them when designing liftgate solutions for their work trucks.

One thing however that seems to be more agreed upon are the requirements of the platform activation switches. These are typically mounted in a fixed position on or near the liftgate. As such they are often exposed to the same conditions as the outside of the vehicle itself, namely rain, mud, dirt, wind, vibration and temperature extremes. Given the propensity for operators to ride up and down on the liftgate, they are often designed to go for the ride too.

CPI Switches and Panels for Liftgate Control

Because CPI’s switch construction is truly waterproof, not just splash-proof or water resistant, we can create assemblies out of our totally submersible basic switches and stainless steel panels that are perfect for a wet outdoor environment.  Our assemblies are used in outdoor applications including lift gate up/down control, construction and mining equipment, as well as engine compartments in transit buses.

Most commonly used for liftgate control and positioning is our E1333 series dual pushbutton switch panel to raise and lower the lift gates. The E1333 provides a short behind the panel depth requirement making it usable in places where other switches can’t fit. The CPI switch also provides low assembly labor to install with its integral PEM nuts and its packard connector. Lastly as opposed to electronic switches that require power from the circuit to operate the discreet CPI switch is resistant to failures due to poor grounds and its high electromechanical endurance. In fact our “snap action” contact design has been tested to over 500,000 “contactor” electrical cycles.

Don’t worry about lead lengths either. Our switches and switch panels can be ordered from the factory at any custom lead length you need.

The ability of our switch to withstand abuse at the hands of an operator or mother nature, really sets our products apart for most outdoor applications. And with convenient custom or stock panels, there’s one less piece of engineering you need to do.

 CPI Custom Waterproof Switch Panels

Switch panels come in a variety of configurations: separate circuits, in-series, and in-series with interlock (to prevent both switches from operating at the same time).

We can produce multiple switch panels that also include additional electrical components such as LED indicator lamps per customer specification.

CPI Waterproof Switch Panel Features / Options

  • All-stainless brackets
  • 2- and 3-switch configurations
  • Custom wire treatments: wire-protecting tubing, wire restraints (tie wraps), wire tags
  • Switch & wire color variations available (minimums may apply)
  • Sealed connections available: Weatherpak, Deutsch, ITT Sure Seal

The Buck Stops with CPI Liftgate Control Solutions

Given our durability and worldwide leadership in waterproof switching solutions, it’s likely that our switches will be the last you’ll ever need for your liftgate application.  Give us a call today to discuss.

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