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Keeping Electronics Warm in Cold Temperatures

Low Temperature Thermal Switches Used IN honeywell EA-Repeater.

Most of us are aware of the dangers of overheated electronic components, manifesting itself in ways as simple as component failure all the way up to system failure, explosions, and fire. CPI thermal switch reliability has had a hand in detecting out of bounds conditions in thousands of such systems over the years, in everything from military vehicles, to spacecraft, to galley kitchens.

But what about when your electronics get really cold?

Turns out CPI thermals continue to get noticed by more and more manufacturers who actually want to turn up the heat (in a manner of speaking)

A great example of this is the CPI AD069-507, a member of CPI’s SnapStat line of bimetallic thermal switches. These switches have a bimetal snap disc that Low Temperature Thermal Switch actuates a miniature microswitch. This double snap action makes these switches virtually immune to shock and vibration. The switch is made of all stainless steel, and epoxy sealing or glass to metal hermetic sealing options also makes them ideal for demanding industrial or military applications. The entire SnapStat line of CPI thermal switches boast set points that run all the way up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

But the best part for manufacturers trying to keep their electronics warm is actually their low temperature performance.  These extremely small form factor switches can reliably switch at temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius. This switch closure can be used to activate heating elements well before electronics reach their failure thresholds.

In the Real World, it gets Cold.

Something Honeywell discovered on the solar powered version of their EA Network Repeater. Ideal for placement in remote locations however without 120 volt power constantly applied to it, there is no way to keep the internal electronic components warm. Plus with it being solar powered, you want to activate your heating elements sparingly, to insure you have the power you need for signal conditioning.

The CPI AD069-507 was made for this. With its small size, reasonable cost, and ultra reliable operation,  the switch can be programmed to turn on a low-power heater which keeps the electronics running effectively.

CPI Thermals – Just use Your Imagination

Engineers and Technicians who need reliable stand-alone thermal detection will not find a more proven solution than CPI Thermal Switches. Since the 1950’s CPI has been manufacturing and improving their thermal switches to make them the most reliable and cost-effective thermal detection solution in the world.

Designed, engineered and made completely in USA at our New Jersey facility, you can be sure that we’ve got our supply chain and manufacturing under control, despite the unexpected challenges to global trade that can sometime occur…(-:

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