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Have you Looked At CPI Linear Position Sensors Lately?

SL-2000 Hydraulic Linear Position Sensor for Subsea
SL-2000 Internals

For well over a decade, CPI has been manufacturing a unique Hydraulic Cylinder Linear Position sensor, meant for the harshest environments, and longest stroke applications on the planet. We’ve learned a lot over that decade. We’ve not only improved the accuracy and durability of our sensor and made it ATEX and IECEX rated, but we’ve also driven costs down significantly.

That makes us think that folks we talked to in years past who ultimately tried other solutions, may want to take another look now. We’ve come a long way and this is not your mother’s linear position sensor.

Improvements in Linear Position Sensing for Harsh Duty Applications.

Subsea Hydraulic Piston Linear Position Sensor
The CPI SL2000 Subsea Rated Linear Position Sensor

In case you are one of the few people in the country who do not read our blog regularly, there are a number of things about our hydraulic position sensor technology you need to be aware of. First of all, our system combines a patented mechanical draw wire design with a unique linear-rotary-linear translation mechanism coupled with (if you opt for it)  a magnetostrictive transducer. What that means is you not only can’t kill our sensor, but the overall solution is now fully ATEX, SIL, and IECEX rated, making it suitable for any hazardous environment, especially drill platform and subsea applications.

Here’s a few other characteristics of our latest version of the sensor, the SL-2000.

  1. Stroke lengths up to 50 feet are fully supported.
  2. The sensor can operate exposed to Seawater at 5000 ft. It is pressure and fluid agnostic
  3. The sensor technology supports telescoping cylinders.
  4. Position accuracy is down to .025”
  5. Rated endurance is 1 million full stroke cycles.
  6. Operates external or internal to the cylinder housing.
  7. Can operate completely immersed in hydraulic fluid of a hydraulic cylinder or accumulator.
  8. Completely safety rated for both US and European deployment.

The Best Part

In addition to technological advances in our sensor design which make it both more robust, and safety rated there is a further advantage to over a decade of improvements and field testing: the cost of producing our most advanced sensors has come down dramatically.

So if you’re one of those hydraulic cylinder manufacturers who’s been limping along with a substandard solution to your most challenging deployments, why don’t you give us a call and get reacquainted with CPI?

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