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Electromechanical Limit Switches in Mobile Equipment

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Back in the 1990’s, construction equipment manufacturers were filled with talk about completely eliminating switches with contacts by the year 2000.  Concerns over environmental sealing, failures due to contact contamination or degradation over time due to arcing in high-endurance applications drove this optimistic school of thought.

Unsealed Appliance Grade Limit Switch
Unsealed, appliance grade limit switch…

And indeed, switch Innovations in the last decade have been plentiful. They include wireless switches, RFID transponders, and a reduced price point for inductive sensors. For many applications and industries, these new technologies were an appropriate, economical alternative to self contained, field proven but relatively expensive electro-mechanical limit switches.

But for a certain class of users and equipment, experiments with remote sensors and control systems in place of proven electromechanical limit switch technology, took a long and expensive road to nowhere.  Most pointedly, in applications requiring a high level of electromechanical endurance in moderate or extreme environmental conditions. In applications from forklifts, to backhoes, to front loaders, to fire engines, electro-mechanical limit switches continue to be an economical and robust design approach, and in many cases are the ONLY approach that makes sense.

CPI Can Upgrade the Electrical Systems in Your Mobile Construction Equipment

Electrical system designers for mobile equipment have a pretty short tolerance these days for the high in-warranty failure rates of so many improperly sealed switch components.   Appliance-grade limit switches with screw terminals, or poorly sealed limit switches top the list for in-warranty claims on everything from commercial turf equipment to large commercial wheel loaders.

Benjamin Franklin called this being “penny wise, and pound foolish”. When manufactures are done nickel and diming their limit switch solution, they generally turn to CPI for the “final” solution.

Over the past four decades however, CPI has created reliable, sealed component options that have expanded every year.  Something as simple and common as a ball switch for example, is now offered with a patented ball-carrier design, which prevents contaminates from jamming the ball.  These and other CPI designs have been qualified to as much as 5 million cycles of electromechanical endurance, with none of the current carrying limitations of technologies like magnetic reed whose need for precise magnet placement all but disqualifies them for use in the high vibration jobsite environment of your 10 ton Backhoe-loader.

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