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CPI Waterproof Switches Achieve Conformité Européenne (CE)

If you want to sell electronic products in Europe, it’s pretty important to achieve the certification
“Conformité Européenne.” Commonly known as the CE marking, this certification affirms that the
manufacturer complies with all applicable European health, safety, and environmental protection
standards. The CE marking is required for goods sold in the EU, but also found on many products sold
elsewhere that have been manufactured to EEA (European Economic Area) standards.

“CPI has long sold specific switch products per CE standards,” notes Mac Stuhler, vice president of CPI,
“but this announcement means all CPI waterproof switches are now CE Marked and can be sold and
distributed freely throughout Europe and other regions requiring it.”

To be more specific, by putting the CE marking on all our switches we are stating that we meet the
requirements of the “Low Voltage Directive,” that is applicable to CPI waterproof switches. CPI was able
to gain the certification by providing years of test data showing that our processes and quality level, and
safety standards met all applicable requirements.

Many CPI products are also UL approved for use in the USA. For more information on certifications and
approvals and our status as an ISO 9001 company please call Mac Stuhler at (973) 887-9400



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